Snoodles in Space: Escape from Zoodletraz

A DooWopadoodle Tale from Outer Space!

State of Noodleham Address Today

“Hi!  I am Mayor Polly Pollitoodle, Mayor of the fine City of Noodleham where the air is always clean, the skies are always blue, and today, our rivers and lakes are free of grool!

This is the City of Heroes.  First and foremost, we have Herbie Snoodleman, who invented the Snoodle, that run on noodles and provides wholesome noodle meals to all of our citizens.  Those days of driving in groodles and krautmobiles are long forgotten, and a distant memory.

We also have Sour Croodleman whose invention of the Prickly Peppered Purple Propulsion Powered Pickle has allowed us to venture into galaxies far beyond our own.

We have our talented children as well.  Briana Brainy Broodle and Ricky Rockadoodle helped free their parents, Norman Noodle and Sally Stroodle who were held captive by the Zoodles, and with their assistance, helped prevent the Zoodles from vacuudoodle Earth’s entire supply of noodles.

Frimpy Frumpy Froodle and Whimpy Whiny Woodle, though they had unfortunate accidents at Chunky Chocodoodles’ Candydoodle Factory, tuning into a popadoodle and a slimeadoodle, helped prevent all of us from becoming willy nilly and dilly dally. They also should be credited with getting the Zoodles to vaccudoodle all the grool from our fair waters!

We also have to thank our heroes for creating Noodleham’s fabulous attractions that draw people from around the world. The Snoodle Kidoodle Noodle Art Museum, built by Herbie Snoodleman, has the world’s largest display of Noodle Art. Sour Croodleman graciously gave us the Prickly Peppered Purple Powered Pickle Museum of Space Exploration. And we all love Frimpy’s and Whimpy’s Froodle Water Woodle Aquadoodle Marine Aquarium.

And since we are providing rocket science and brain surgery training to the Zoodles as well as our great citizens, Norman Noodle and Sally Stroodle , spending their valuable time teaching them how to make noodle cakes and pies, we now live in peace with the Zoodles. Heck, we even had our first Earth Zoodle intermarriage with Droodle the Poodle and Doo Doo Kidoodle getting married.  That is despite the fact that Zoodle does not permit pets on their planet.

We can only expect an exciting new year in Noodleham!”

And the Story Begins!

As Mayor Pollitoodle explained, Noodleham was an exciting place to be. What she did not mention was the fabulous music scene that was coming out of Noodleham. All the credit belongs to Andy Dandy Doodle who opened up the Rockadoodle School of Music and the Arts. He helped develop amazing acts such as Jumping Jimmy Jazzadoodle, the Schnozidoodles featuring Runny and Stuffy Schnozidoodle, and Flootle the Poodle, the most musically gifted flute playing poodle in all of Noodleham.

But, the biggest success story coming out of Andy Dandy Doodle’s school was Swifty Swoodle and the DooWopadoodles. They were the biggest act on the planet, selling out stadiums across the globe.  Who were the DooWopadoodles you may ask.  They were none other than our heroes Briana Brainy Broodle, Ricky Rockadoodle, Frimpy Frumpy Froodle and Whimpy Whiny Woodle.

Magazines across the globe was quick to point out how successful their last world tour was!  “Swifty Swoodle and the DooWopadoodles break the Gazillion Dollar Mark!” “Most Successful World Tour Ever” “Swfty Swoodle Makes History!” “A DooWopper of a Tour!”

They were so big that word even got up to the planet Zoodle. Cloodle the Grand Roodle of the planet Zoodle had his own band “Cloodle and the Grand Roodles”, and since he was the Grand Roodle, he did not permit any other music to be played on Zoodle.

Reading about the success of Swifty Swoodle and the DooWopadoodles, Cloodle thought to himself that he can come down to Earth, and be an even bigger hit that Swifty Swoodle. and planned his own world tour, with the first concert to be held in Noodleham.

The big day came, and because people were curious to see their first Zoodle concert, it was a sell-out, and was the hottest ticket in town.  However, once Cloodle and the Grand Roodle played, everyone stuck their fingers in their ears.

“Bah, Bah, Bah!”, Cloodle sang. Everyone in the audience started to boo. Many started walking out. Others started tossing noodles at Cloodle.

The next day, the newspapers were not kind to Cloodle.

“Cloodle, Go Back to Zoodle!”

“Cloodle: Worse than a Snoradoodle”

“Thank Goodness! Rest of Cloodle Tour Cancelled!”

Of course, Cloodle the Grand Roodle was furious.  The Zoodles will all want to know why he returned to Zoodle so quickly, and they would hear of his big failure. Cloodle plotted his revenge, and summoned Evil Kidoodle and VooDoo Kidoodle.

“I understand that DooDoo Kidoodle, without my permission, has married Droodle the Poodle.  As you know, we have a strict “No Pet” policy on Zoodle, and this cannot be tolerated.  I want you both to go take Droodle and send her to Zoodletraz where we keep all those pesty pets.”

“Also, if you remember, there is a poodle on Earth named Schmoodle.  That is the poodle that had put us all to sleep. Grumpy Grimy Groodleman  has kindly been providing us with Groodles, and he has now developed a Groodled Cheesadoodle that can be inserted into a Balloonadoodle.  I want you to go down with this high speed Balloonadoodle to Noodleham and take Schoodle the Poodle to Zoodletraz. Nobody has ever escaped Zoodltraz and we will place Balloonadoodles over Zoodletraz so it will make any escape even more impossible!”

The next day, Evil Kidoodle and VooDoo Kidoodle arrived at Droodle’s and DooDoo’s home.

Evil Kidoodle began to speak.

“First, VooDoo and I want to congratulate you on your marriage, and we brought you both some Stroodle Cake we made. It is delicious. However, there is bad news.  Pets are strictly forbidden on Zoodle, and we have to take Droodle the Poodle away to Zoodletraz.”

Before Droodle and DooDoo could protest, VooDoo inserted noodles into Droodle and DooDoo, and they both quickly fell asleep. Droodle was then placed on the Balloonadoodle and transported to Zoodletraz.

Evil Kidoodle and VooDoo Kidoodle quickly descended to Noodleham on their Groodled Cheesadoodled powered Balloonadoodle.  Outside Sour Croodleman’s café was Schmoodle walking with Grandfafoodle, the father of Herbie, Sour, and Norman.

Evil Kidoodle spoke:

“We are here to take Schmodle the Poodle back to Zoodle. We want no trouble from you.  Just give us Schmoodle, and we will leave you alone.”

Grandfafoodle saw the Ballooonadoodle, and became quite excited.

“I have not seen a Balloonadoodle since I was a little kid!  And this looks like a fancy one, at that! Let’s go for a spin, boys!”

Grandfafoodle quickly jumped in with Schmoodle the Poodle.  Evil Kidoodle and VooDoo Kidoodle quickly ballooned them into Zoodletraz.

Sure enough, Droodle was there.  Zoodletraz was a gray place but was lit up by a star covered sky and the Balloonadoodles flying from above. It was an island surrounded by waters filled with what appeared to troll like octopus creatures with sharp teeth.

After Evil and VooDoo left, Droodle, and Schmoodle and Grandfafoodle were approached by three cats.

One cat holding what appeared to be a violin began to speak.

“Hello, and welcome!  We have not seen poodles here before.  We are known as the Stray Cats. We are Toonadoodles from the planet Looneydoodles. We are called the Stray Cats because we stray across the galaxy spreading beautiful music. Unfortunately, we were not welcomed on Zoodle, and they sent us here.  My name is Jingle Jangle.”

“My names is Snippy Snappy”, said the other.

“And my name is Ding Aling”, said the third.  “Ding Aling.  Ding Aling”

The Stray Cats then started to play their instruments. Grandfafoodle jiggled and wiggled.  He then ziggled and zaggled.  Soon, everyone was in a big happy dance.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, word came from Grumpy Grimy Groodleman and DooDoo Kidoodle that Droodle the Poodle was taken to Zoodletraz. Both Frimpy Frumpy and Whimpy Whiny were very upset because Droodle was part of their family. They left immediately to go to Sour’s café for help and sure enough, Briana Brainy Broodle, Ricky Rockadoodle, Herbie, Sour and Norman were all there.

“They must have taken Grandfafoodle and Schmoodle as well!” said Briana.

Grumpy Grimy Groodleman, who accompanied his kids, spoke.

“I am sorry. I developed the Groodled Cheesadoodle to power the Balloonadoodles. I did not know they would be used to take my beloved Droodle away.  I am afraid that with these Balloonadoodles guarding Zoodletraz, there is no way to rescue them.”

Sour Croodleman spoke.

“I will give a call to my friends Tony Tacodoodle and Pepe Pepperdoodle.  You know them.  They run La Casa Quesadoodle: Home of the Famous Quesadoodle Noodle. You have all eaten there.  Pepe and I have been working something that I think will help us take care of the Balloonadoodles.”

An hour later, Tony Tocaodoodle and Pepe Pepperdoodle appeared at the door. Pepe and Tony opened up a box they carried in.

Pepe held up a noodle unlike anything they had ever seen before.

“This is the Jalapeno Peppered Powered Popadoodle Noodle. Once we get in range of the Ballooonadoodles with our Snoodle Zoomadoodles, we can pop all of the Balloonadoodles, and rescue everyone from Zoodletraz.”

Frimpy Frumpy and Whimpy Whiny looked at each other and started to laugh.

Frimpy said: “Whimpy, are you thinking what I am thinking?”

“Frimpy, I think I am!”

Everyone looked puzzled.  Whimpy spoke. 

“We will call Chunky Chocodoodle, and have him come with us to see Cloodle the Grand Roodle.  I think we can also make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

Briana, Ricky, Tony, Pepe, and of course, Herbie, Sour and Norman each went in separate Snoodle Zoomadles.  Once they came close, all of the Ballooonadoodles went popadoodle, and they landed on Zoodletraz.

Grandfafoodle smiled at his family.

“Jingle Jangle. Snippy Snappy.  Dig Aling! These cool cats are my family!” Look at Sour, Grandfafoodle exclaimed, “These Stray Cats really know how to make you strut! They have to come with us!”

Herbie raised his arms!

“Everyone to the Snoodles!”

Meanwhile, Chunky Chocodoodle, Frimpy Frumpy and Whimpy Whiny landed on Zoodle and met with Cloodle the Grand Roodle.

Chunky spoke:

“How would you like to have your own Chunky Chocodoodle’s Candydoodle Factory on Zoodle?”

Cloodle the Grand Roodle became excited.

“Wow!!! That is my dream! We start building today!”

Whimpy Whiny spoke:

“Great! And to celebrate, we brought for you a Swizly Twizzly Slimeadoodle!  It is so delicious!  It will make you swizzle and twizzle.  It is unlike anything you have tasted before.”

Cloodle the Grand Roodle quickly grabble the drink and gobbled it down. First, he swizzled.  Then, he twizzled.  He then turned into a bucket of slime.

Five years later, Zoodletraz was converted into the Intergalactadoodle Music Hall of Fame.  It had a stadium for concerts and concert halls as well as a School for Intergalctic Music Studies run by Andy Dandy Doodle.

Swifty Swoodle and the DooWopadoodles played there regularly, and quickly became the biggest hit in the galaxy.

VooDoo Kidoodle became the conductor of the Zoodle Symphony Orchestra.

Grandfafoodle started his own band called Grandfafoodle and the Stray Catadoodles.

Evil Kidoodle became the new Grand Roodle. (And he really wasn’t that evil.  It is just the name his parents gave him.)

And whatever happened to Cloodle the Grand Roodle?

He was happily busy at Chunky Chocodoodles Candy Doodle Factory.  Cloodle the Grand Roodle was now a Chocoloompadoodle.


AND COMING REAL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEXT SNOODLES BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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