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Can of Worms CrankaTsuris


Can of Worms CrankaTsuris

This is a story I like to share with you that can really be helpful with the effective management of your CrankaTsuris.

I was set to meet with the big boss. I never met the big boss before so I was rather nervous. People in the organization were also nervous about my meeting with the big boss. Because they were even more nervous than I was, the organization set up a meeting between Big Tony and myself. Big Tony sat me down, and the discussion went like this:

Big Tony: Now, when you meet the Big Boss, the one thing that you have to make sure not to do is to bring up the “thing.” You bring up the thing, and the Big Boss gets very upset about the thing.

Me: Big Tony. You can count on me. I will not mention a single word about the thing. I do not even know what the thing is. I never heard of the thing, and if I heard about the thing, I forgot already what the thing was. There will be no mention of the thing.  I do have one question.

Big Tony: What is the question?

Me: I am just curious. What exactly happens if I mention the thing?  

Big Tony: It is terrible. What I can tell you is that if you mention the thing, it will open up the can.

Me: Well. The can? What is in the can?

Big Tony: I should not tell you what is in the can. What is in the can is even worse than the thing.

Me: Is it a can of sunshine?

Big Tony: Sunshine? What are you talking about?

Me: I went to Florida once, and I was at the souvenir shop. They were selling cans of Florida sunshine. I bought a whole case, and when I got home, I opened up a can. There was no sunshine in it. It was completely empty. I spent almost three hundred dollars in the case of empty cans. My friends still rag on me for that. It has become a thing.

Big Tony: It is worse than that. I will tell you. Worms. It would open up a can of worms.

Me: Oy. Worms! That is worse! I will definitely not mention the thing.”

I have to admit. I do not understand what the big deal is about opening up a can of worms. First, if people do not like to open a can of worms, then answer this. Why did they put the worms in the can in the first place? Second, if a can of worms opened up, what is the worst thing that could happen? One worm crawls out, and you put the worm back into the can. It is not very complicated.

I could understand why someone would not want to open up a can of bees. If you opened up a can of bees, all the bees would fly out. A few of the bees would end up stinging you. You definitely do not want to open up a can of bees.

Even though you would never want to open up a can of bees, to add insult to your bee-bitten injury, they actually named a can of tuna fish after the bumblebee. While the worm helped catch the tuna, the bumblebee gets to be on the can. I hear that the bumblebee is even on a can of salmon. This is just not fair.

Because of this injustice and inequity, I have decided to start my own tuna fish company “Wormy Tuna.” It is guaranteed to be a big hit. I will sell cans of tuna, with all the worms that the caught tunas were unable to digest. I even have a sales pitch. “If they can stick a worm in a bottle of tequila, a worm in a can of tuna will not kill you.”

As I promised in the beginning, there is a message with this story that will help you in the effective management of your CrankaTsuris. You will discover that, on many occasions, the CrankaTsuris feels like you are holding a can of stingy bees inside your head. All you want to do is to open up the can and let all the bees out. The more they bite everyone around you, the better. 

Of course, it may not be very helpful to have everyone around stung in such a fashion. Here is what you should do instead. Grab a can and sit with the can for a few minutes. Imagine that the inside of the can is filled with those nasty bees. Rub the top of the can for a few minutes, and now, begin to imagine that worms replace the bees.    

Opening up a can of worms is not that bad after all.

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