The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back CrankaTsuris


The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back CrankaTsuris

The Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back CrankaTsuris

If you plan on having an effective CrankaTsuris practice, it is important to know your history. It is true what they say. Those who do not learn history tend to repeat it.

When it comes to thinking about your CrankaTsuris practice, one history lesson to learn is the story about the Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back. Now, there have been many camels who have had someone put a straw on their back. Unfortunately, many of these poor camels suffered the same fate. It broke their backs, and they never fully recovered.

The very first camel that had his back broken by a straw goes all the way back to Biblical times. It is part of the story of Cain and Abel that you may not have learned in Sunday School.

They lived in the middle of the desert where there were many camels. Cain was the hunter. Abel was the farmer. They fought about many things, but there was one thing that they both shared; their love for their beloved camel, who happened to have been named Camel.

Cain came home one day from a long and successful hunting trip. But, when he came home, he saw Abel on the ground, crying next to Camel, who was laying flat on the ground. His back was broken.

“What happened to Camel?”, Cain asked Abel.

Abel replied; “Camel’s back is broken!”

Annoyed, Cain said; “I can see that, but how?”

Abel explained; “Well, as you know, we are in the desert, and it is really hot. So, you know that Bedouin neighbor we have, Abraham? He invited me into his tent, and he offered me a Pepsi.”

Forgetting Camel for a second, Cain smiled. “That Abraham is such a nice man, and his wife is 90 years old. Are they still trying to have a baby?”

Abel laughed and said; “It is very silly and cute, but I do not say anything. I play along and give encouragement. I said I have a strong feeling that this could be the year. I even said to him, “You say she is 90 years old. She does not look a day over 80.””

Cain then remembered about poor Camel. “So, tell me what happened to Camel. You said something about a Pepsi.”

Abel replied; “Yes. Abraham offers me a Pepsi, but he had to excuse himself because it was time again to try and get his wife pregnant. So, he gives me a straw and it was a paper straw. Not plastic. I go out of the tent, and I put the straw down on Camel so that I could open the can of Pepsi, and the next thing I knew, I saw that the straw broke Camel’s back.”

Cain was angry. “How can you put a straw on Camel’s back? “

Abel got defensive. “How am I supposed to know that a paper straw will break Camel’s back. Besides, I see you all the time riding Camel around while you put your big butt on Camel!”

Cain shot back; “Who has a big butt? And, you have a straw butt. Camel hates your butt. Camel probably felt the straw and thought it was your butt, and the straw freaked Camel out.”

Abel tried to change the subject. “Can we just give Camel some aspirin, or maybe Tylenol?” How about just putting a Band-Aid on it?

Cain shook his head. “No, you can’t put a Band-Aid on a broken back. Camel would need a back operation. And, back operations are not cheap, and they do not always work. Remember when Horse broke his back, he had to have five back surgeries. When the surgeons were done with Horse, do you remember what he ended up looking like? He ended up looking like Camel.”

Abel looked up with hope in his eyes. “So, I got an idea. We take Camel to get the back operation, and when they are done, he will look like Horse used to look. We just start calling Camel “Horse”, and Horse, we would call him “Camel.””

Cain looked at Abel and said; “Yeah. That is an idea only if I can call you Dummy.”

This is one of the most important reasons why you need to develop a CrankaTsuris practice. We all end up in life carrying other people’s straw. When the wedding vows are administered, the Bride is not asked:

“Do you take this man with no straw, a little bit of straw, a moderate amount, or are you someone who can take a ton of straw from this man?

Of course, given the choice, the Bride would always answer:

“No straw. I can’t handle any more straw. We are not even married yet, and I had enough straw with this man to last fifty years. But, you know what? If I am required to take a straw with this deal, I want the straw with the spoon. You know. The straw they give you with a Slurpee. Slurpees are delicious. Especially in the summer!”

So, let us face it. Straw is a part of life. Before you started your CrankaTsuris practice, you were not able to carry much straw. Could you? Not only did you have a very weak back that could break in a second, but, someone can take a lousy paper straw, put in on your back, and that results with your back-breaking into many pieces.

Now, imagine that you have a really good CrankaTsuris practice. What would it look like? I can tell you. You begin to see all or at least many more different kinds of straw out there. You have straw conversations. You learn about other loved one’s straws. You can even have a few bales of hay go on your back. You then begin to feel how much stronger your back has become, and if you bring your family along for the ride, they will too!

So, when your daughter asks for a piggy-back ride, tell her to hop right on. But, even with your CrankaTsuris practice working, just to be on the safe side, make sure she isn’t carrying a straw with her.

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