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Shoot the Messenger CrankaTsuris

There are many sayings that we use everyday which we say without thinking, and these sayings make no real sense whatsoever.

“Close, but no cigar!!”

Why a cigar?  What about a pack of cigarettes?  Or what if I do not smoke, and I do not like cigars?  Why can I just get whatever is behind Door Number 3?


“That is all she wrote.”

Well.  Maybe she wrote more.  How do we really know?  And, are you saying that she did not write enough?  Obviously, he did not write anything.  I do not see you complaining about his writing skills!

That was a saying that goes back to World War II.  The military men were fighting on the front in Europe, and they would get letters from their loved ones, and they would read their letters out loud to each other.  Some men would get lengthy love letters.  They would go on and on how a lifetime passes with each breath not shared, and attached to the letter was a stack of love poems that fully expresses the love only can pound in a lover’s heart.

Other men on the front would get a short letter that may say:

“Dear Steve,

Hope you are alive.  Having a great time with John!  Did I say John?  No.  I meant Joanna.

See you whenever!


And everyone would gather around Steve, and say:

“Is that all she wrote?”

But, there is one saying that we use that actually makes a whole lot of sense.

“Don’t shoot me!  I am only the messenger!!”

That is certainly a fair request.  There are no sayings like “Shoot the person who gave the messenger the message!!”  Nothing like that.  The person with the message is out of harm’s way.  It is only the messenger that is in the field of danger.

But, it is even worse for the messenger. The poor messenger delivers the message, and he or she gets riddled with CrankaTsuris bullets.  “Oh yeah!  Blah the Blah the Blah!!!  I can’t believe Blah the Blah the Blah!!  You go back and tell that bum exactly this:  Blah the Blah the Blah, and you know where you can take your own Blah the Blah the Blah!!!  You shove that Blah the Blah the Blah you know where!!” 

So, the messenger goes back to the first guy, and delivers the message.  Sure enough.  More CrankaTsuris bullets.  The messenger crawls out from this back and forth and barely comes out alive.

So, you are reading this, and we have all had the experience of being the messenger.  So, I am sure you are all anxious on learning how to solve this problem.  How can we finally stop shooting the messenger?  It is just not fair.  Is it?

Believe it or not, I will take a contrarian (but perfectly logical)  view here and say that we should just go ahead and shoot the messenger.  You may think that this is not logical.  For goodness sake, the messenger is only the messenger!!  What about the person who gave the messenger the message?  Where is the fairness here!!

Now, that is the problem.  The person who says he or she is only the messenger takes a cop out when they say they are only the messenger.


This is what happens:

The messenger receives the message from Person Number One:

“Tell Johnny this:  Goblidi Gook, Goblidi Gook, Goblidi Gook, and make sure you emphasize a big pile of crap, and don’t forget conveying a whole bunch of baloney.”

Now, the messenger, if he or she was actually thinking, may point out that the pile of crap and bunch of baloney may not be too well received.  Instead of being honest in dealing with this, the response is usually akin to this:

“Sir.  That was insightful, thought provoking, and may I add beautifully said.  If this was a speech, it would go down as one of the greatest speeches in history.  And please allow me to be direct when I say this:  I only wish that my father would share such words of wisdom with me when I was a child.  If he did, I am certain that I would have amount to much more in life than the position of a lowly messenger!!”

I, for one, do not want any harm, especially CrankaTsuris harm, to have befallen upon any messenger.  Messengers certainly do not deserve it.  But if messengers do not want to be shot, they have to think a little bit about the message they are delivering.

“So we learned how to be careful not to express our inner TyrantoCrankaTsuris or TyrantoKvetchaTsuris too often.  Just the right amount to keep the planet happy and not too cranky.”






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    Sandy Cee (Wednesday, 04 March 2020 21:13)


    I understand just how it is to be a messenger. I often get messages from above. From Spirit who pass over, then return to this earthly plane, seek me out and provide me with the message. Do you think those loves ones of the Spirit who showed up unannounced to give me the message and ask me unceremoniously to give it to his/her loved ones, enjoy the message. Usually it is something like “Hi Mom, Dad, don’t worry about me, I’m doing fine. I’ve got little Gerry with me (the dog) and Missy (the cat) and they send their love. I’ll let you know more once I’ve found Aunty Amie and Uncle Joe. See ya”



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