CrankaTsuris(™) Kryptonite


CrankaTsuris( ™) Kryptonite

Beware of the CrankaTsuris(™) Kryptonite

CrankaTsuris Kryptonite.  We all know what that is.  Somebody, usually a family member, will say something or do something that triggers a very big CrankaTsuris.  There is even anxiety before you face this because you know it is Kryptonite, and you happen to come from the planet, Krypton.  Unfortunately, it is not only that.  When you arrived from Krypton, you did not come with all the superpowers.

Superman, oddly enough, was never curious about Kryptonite.  So what if, in the previous episode, he almost got killed.  He would go straight back to crime-fighting in the next episode. I always wished there was a Superman episode that had Superman go to the doctor, and see if he can do anything about this allergic reaction.

“Doc.  Is there anything you can give me?  I tried Flonase and Benadryl.  It doesn’t help a bit.  Okay.  Tylenol does help a little with the x-ray vision, but otherwise, I am a complete mess.  I feel weak, tired, and I can’t even move.  You gotta help me, Doc.  Can you maybe give me a steroid?  This is killing me!!”

Even if Superman was not curious about the effects of Kryptonite, you would think that the United State government would intervene, and use some money from its very large defense budget to help.  But, no.  Not a single penny!!

So, unlike Superman (and the government), we need to get curious about our own Kryptonite.  What is it that triggers us?   We all have those buttons, and our arch-villains, typically close family members, know exactly how to press those buttons.

But, we do know what these buttons are.  There are critical judgmental parents or children.  There are those people who do and say certain things that, because we happen to be sane and normal, do not say and do those things.

So, we have a low tolerance for this simply because we have a complete lack of comprehension as to why any normal person would say or do this thing, and on top of that, they will look at you like a crazy person because you have this complete lack of comprehension.

Frustration builds and outcomes the CrankaTsuris after close exposure to this Kryptonite.  The response from this beloved family member or this arch-villain is to expose you to additional doses of CrankaTsuris Kryptonite.

You return home from this wonderful experience and you feel like your brain has been completely shredded.  Many strong people with unique superpowers of their own have had this experience, and have come to the conclusion that they simply will not expose themselves to this anymore.  “We are never going to go to Aunt Ruthie’s house again for Thanksgiving!!”

What would Superman do?

Now, while avoidance can be a solution, think about Superman for a second.  He never said the following:

“I can’t do this crime-fighting thing anymore.  It is just not worth it.  Now, every two-bit criminal has Kryptonite.  And, they even have Synthetic Kryptonite!!!  How can that be legal?  The 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms under the US Constitution did not include the right to bear Kryptonite!!  And, there is nothing wrong with writing obituary columns for the Daily Planet!!  A perfectly respectable profession!!”

Superman kept fighting, and he came very close to being kaput.  Remember the first Superman movie when Lex Lugar put the Kryptonite necklace around Superman’s neck and pushed into his indoor pool.  I thought he was a goner!

So, for Superman’s sake, let’s keep fighting.   Explore the CrankaTsuris, and even talk about the Kryptonite with your loved ones.  Instead of the Super Strength Kryptonite, we both expose each other too, maybe we can agree on using a more mild version that will be less harmful?

There is one other thing, you can do.  Keep it simple.  When you are exposed to Kryptonite, decide that you will be one way, and one way only.  Think of this as being consistent and like having a protective lead jacket on which will help you with the effects of Kryptonite.

Also, check-in and get as much sympathy from all the loved ones who did not come from the planet, Krypton, and are not affected by it.  They may see things you do not see.  They can help slow it down.

This is really important.  Some of these people do not react well and do not understand that you have been exposed to CrankaTsuris Kryptonite.  They do not provide sympathy, but they become critical of you.  Again, you have to remind them of Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane.  When Superman was exposed to Kryptonite, they somehow always came to his aid.  They helped him out.  Imagine if Lois Lane just said; “You know what?  I am so tired of your Kryptonite issue!!!   Screw this, Jimmy.  Let’s call Batman and Robin!!”

Once you get consistent, slow it down, and get lots of compassion from loved ones, CrankaTsuris Kryptonite may not be curable, but it can be dealt with and controlled.  And remember why this is so important.  They are coming out with the synthetic, and more powerful versions of the original Kryptonite every single day!!

You need to be well prepared!!!

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    Maz (Saturday, 29 June 2019 11:16)

    Fantastic !


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