Lost in Translation CrankaTsuris, Part Two

In a little over a week, people of the Jewish Faith will begin to celebrate the holiday of Passover. For many of us, we will be be celebrating the first night by having a Seder. This is a time when we retell the story of the Jewish People being freed from slavery in the land […]

Lost in Translation CrankaTsuris, Part One

While there are many different kinds of CrankaTsuris, some forms of CrankaTsuris are derived from a particular CrankaTsuris that we should all try to gain a deeper understanding of. If you are able to attain this understanding of this very serious kind of CrankaTsuris, you may then find that you are able to eliminate other […]

Snoodles in Space: Escape from Zoodletraz

A DooWopadoodle Tale from Outer Space! State of Noodleham Address Today “Hi!  I am Mayor Polly Pollitoodle, Mayor of the fine City of Noodleham where the air is always clean, the skies are always blue, and today, our rivers and lakes are free of grool! This is the City of Heroes.  First and foremost, we […]

Cranky Superpowers CrankaTsuris

Good morning. My name is Steven Joseph, and I am the author of the just released book “Cranky Superpowers: Life Lessons Learned from the Common CrankTsuris Chronicles.” This is a follow-up to my 2020 book “A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The CrankaTsuris Method. I am also the author of the children’s book Snoodle series […]


I am not a morning person CrankaTsuris is something that afflicts just about everyone. Even if you happen to be a morning person, there are likely times that you are not simply because you were a late night person the day before. The CrankaTsuris starts the moment the alarm goes off to get you out […]

Bat Day CrankaTsuris

Impact of Yankee Stadium Bat Day on blunt trauma in northern New York City S L Bernstein 1, W P Rennie, K Alagappan “Abstract Study objective: To determine the incidence of blunt trauma in northern New York City before and after the distribution of 25,000 baseball bats at Yankee Stadium. Design: Prospective multicenter study, including ten days before and ten […]

CrankaTsuris Cure: The Flower Show

I have written about so many different kinds of Crankatsuris over the years. For many of these very different kinds, there are sorts of very different cures. However, some cures can be used on almost every form of CrankaTsuris. It starts out in the morning. It is a chance to marvel at something, or just […]

Beach Bound Book Bash CrankaTsuris

A preview reading of Cinderella CrankaTsuris from my upcoming book “Cranky Superpowers: Life Lessons Learned from the Common Crankatsuris Chronicles”!